Animal Control

Village Code Sec 4-3 requires that all cats and dogs be licensed; bring rabies certificate with you to the Evergreen Park Village Hall, 9418 South Kedzie Avenue, and complete the application for license which expires each year on May 31. All animals must be kept on your own property or on a leash (Sec 4-5 Municipal code).

The Village's Animal Control Officer can be reached by calling the Village Hall at (708) 422-1551. Please note that, in many instances, "Critter Control" is something that can be done by the resident by following some simple steps; keeping your yard well-maintained, closing off "open" areas underneath decks, patios, etc; making sure all holes in garages/sheds are sealed off. The elimination of alley garbage pickup should go a long way in reducing the critter presence.

If you have an animal emergency, call 9-1-1

If you have a dog or cat issue, you can call the non-emergency number for the police at (708) 422-2142

If you have a squirrel, opussum, raccoon or rat issue, contact the Village at (708) 422-1551

The State of Illinois has modified its laws regarding fur-bearing animals.  They are all protected and can only be trapped by a licensed trapper.

If a wildlife animal is in your home, attic or garage. . .call a wildlife expert.  We suggest
Guardian Pest Control at (708) 333-7378.

Critter Control

Raccoon Control

Save The Opossums