Evergreen Park Photo Gallery

Time To Open The Scrapbook. . . .

The images of Evergreen Park, past and present, are preserved and available to you! Historical photos are being gathered and supplied to this photo gallery on a daily basis. We would love to have your input and photographic contributions.

Whether you have photos of historical significance (and ANY photo taken before today has historical significance!), or simply a lovely shot you've taken at a park. . .or anywhere Evergreen Park. . .we would love to have you submit it to us. Simply email the digital (or scanned photo) to epinf@hotmail.com , with a subject line of EP PHOTO. Please give us a sentence or two on when and where the photo was taken. We will also include your name.

If you have a photograph or two and need to have it scanned, please call (708) 229-8219 to make arrangements. We would like to see your old movies that contain Evergreen Park material. If your old film reels have been converted to DVD, we can copy out the portions relating to Evergreen Park. We cannot accept videotape or old film reels; only DVDs or digital files ( .mov, .mp4 ) Thank you for helping us grow our Evergreen Park archival collection!

And now. . . .Enter The Gallery!