Mark Marzullo

Mark Marzullo has served the Village of Evergreen Park as a trustee since 1996. Mark currently serves as a chairman of the finance committee and is also a member of the public safety committee, and the marzullo.jpgrecreation/youth and senior citizens committee.

As chairman of the finance committee, Mark works closely with the Mayor and village treasurer to develop and balance the village budget. "The village is not unlike a typical family trying to balance its budget, you have to live based on the monies available to you. Your village officials believe and promote that same philosophy."

Mark points out the village has made many improvement with no tax increases to the residents. The new fire house and renovation of the village hall and police department are among those projects along with the strong commitment to revitalize the 95th Street corridor with the purchase of land to create much needed parking to help businesses survive and prosper.