Available Information

The Village of Evergreen Park is making transparent government easily available for the public. Requestors of public information will now have the option of submitting Open Records Requests through this online form. While other methods for submitting public information are still available, the Village of Evergreen Park is excited to be able to offer a more convenient option.

View the Village of Evergreen Park categories of records under FOI Pursuant TO 5 ILCS 140/5.

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Once your request is submitted, you can track your request through this online portal.

FOIA Officers

Kelly Duffy, Village Clerk
Kim Cericola, Deputy Village Clerk
Frank Clarin, Records Supervisor, Police Department

Videotape/CD/DVD Reproduction (Actual cost of tape, CD or DVD, per incident) Voice log transcription to cassette or CD (Actual cost of tape or CD, per incident) Duplication of other village records ($.15 a page after 50 pages) Certification of Records ($1 per certification)

Index of Records

  • Agreements and contracts
  • Board executive session audio tapes
  • Board meeting agendas and minutes
  • Budget files
  • Business licenses
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Correspondence files
  • Employee personnel files, active and retirees
  • Employment applications
  • Employment / hiring procedures
  • FOIA requests and denials
  • Job classifications
  • Job descriptions
  • Liquor license applications
  • Liquor licenses
  • Lists of boards and commissions
  • Minutes and agendas
  • Oaths of office
  • Ordinances and resolutions
  • Permits / applications
  • Personnel rules
  • Proclamations
  • Village code books
  • Village history files and books
  • Village seal
  • Zoning board hearings
  • Zoning files / applications

Village Commissions

  • Commissions / members list
  • Minutes and agendas

Finance / Water Department

  • Accounts receivable
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Annual budget
  • Annual financial report
  • Audit reports
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Tax levy ordinance
  • Utility billing records
  • Utility rate schedules

Building / Inspection Department

  • Contractor licenses
  • Elevator inspections / records
  • Inspection records
  • Permits / applications

Fire Department

  • Budget
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Fire and ambulance reports
  • Forms
  • Incident reports
  • Resolutions
  • Subpoenas
  • Training materials

Police Department

  • Administrative correspondence files
  • Arrest case reports / case files
  • Arrest log sheets
  • Case photos
  • Incident reports
  • Orders
  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic tickets

Public Works Department

  • Case files
  • Minutes and agendas
  • Municipal building
  • MWRD
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Signs storm sewers