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Electrical Aggregation (Eligo Energy)
Your Electricity Bill
The Village of Evergreen Park has entered into a contract with Eligo Energy to act as alternate supplier of electricity to our village.  

Electricity rates have gone up this year overall.

The village looked into many different energy suppliers and found that Eligo offered the best rate over the three year contract term.  The locked-in rate is 6.92 per kilowatt hour, plus a monthly $6.50 service fee.   While this seems high, keep in mind that ComEd's rates can spike over time (and may very well get far above the $6.92 kilowatt hour rate), while Eligo's rate will remain constant.

If you wish, you may read the contact between Eligo Energy and the Village of Evergreen Park.
This will explain the entire process of opting out of the Eligo contract, if you decide to do so.

You may also view their website.