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Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre
The Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre is a community activity brought to you by the Evergreen Park Recreation Department.

We thank Evergreen Park Mayor James Sexton; Village Clerk Cathy Aparo ; the Village Trustees; Recreation Department Director Dennis Duffy and his staff; and the skilled tradesmen who have made the Senior Center available for this new creative endeavor.  We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors for their financial help with each production, which keeps the ticket costs down to a level that is FAMILY-AFFORDABLE with plays and musicals that are FAMILY-FRIENDLY.    (So please. . .support your local Evergreen Park businesses).

Auditions, rehearsals and performances of the Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre take place in the Evergreen Park Senior Center, 9547 S. Homan Avenue.

On the performance dates, we have a mix of small banquet tables and row seating, which make up a very intimate theatre experience.   

The Evergreen Park Candlelight Theatre Program is a community theatre, providing an outlet for local talent of all ages.   Tickets for all productions are available in advance at the Community Center, 3450 W. 97th Street.

Victor Herbert's Classic Operetta
Colorful production features the talents of local performers: Ella and Sophie Altena, Tim Broniec, Kevin Denny, Liam Duffy, Joe Duffy, Julius and Jessica Fassl, Victor Flores, Brian Gutrich, Ricardo and Sasha Hernandez, Tom Jakubczak, Ciara Kerlin, Megan Klimowski, Grace McLaughlin, Hope Michalek, Shannon Miller, Dayna Milner, Brianna Mooney, Andrew Nine, Julia O'Hare, Gianna Pinotti, Mary and Michelle Pniewski, Isabeau Pogue, Lola Ramazinski, Rosebud and Violet Summers, Lena Smith, Elle Turner, Ember Webster, Trevor Wolfe.

The famed musical that inspired two great film versions!

Storybook Grove is home to all the classic Mother Goose characters (Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffett, Little Bo Peep, Jack and Jill, Goldilocks and more).  The evil Barnaby wants to marry Contrary Mary and intends to woo her with the money he stands to inherit from his niece Jane and nephew Alan.  So he plots to "eliminate" the two youngsters with the help of his two comic foils, Gonzorgo and Roderigo.   

This leads to a chase through the Forest of No Return, where they all find themselves in the magical Toyland.  A whirlwind of musical romantic comic misadventures brings about the "March of the Wooden Soldiers", and, of course, everyone lives happily ever after. . .

Specifically adapted for our Auditorium stage at the Senior Center, BABES IN TOYLAND showcases some of the best of our own local talent!

Tickets can be purchased directly at the Community Center, 3450 W. 97th Street;  or you can phone in an early reservation to our hotline at (708) 229-3343.   Tickets may be available at the door, the priority seating at intimate candlelit tables tends to go quickly!  Buy your ticket now for this musical masterpiece!