Current Projects

2023 Street Patching

9/13/2023 Update - This project is now complete.

At various locations throughout the Village, we will be patching the street.  We will be removing the street surface to a depth of one and a half inches and then repaving that area with new materials.  

The day that you see the barricades go up on the street, will be your first notification that we will be starting work shortly thereafter. After the barricades are placed, the contractor that we have hired will come through and remove the existing roadway. The removal will first leave a low area (one and a half inches deep) that the barricades will be placed back into. The patching area will be swept clean at that time. After the removal, the contractor will come back again to clean the edges better and then spray a bituminous material in the road patch area called Prime. The Prime needs to set for a while and the contractor is expected to be back the next day to pave the patch, and the process will be over.  

The only part of this work that may be inconvenient to you is when they are physically on the pavement doing the work, and then when they spray the Prime in the patch area. The Prime can be picked up on car tires and we suggest you do not drive through it. Cars that have driven through the Prime and onto a driveway will track this material onto the driveway and leave marks that are very hard to remove. 

All plans relating to construction are weather-dependent. The process of street patching could take as little as three days from placing barricades to the final paving. Weather and schedule can affect that timeframe, but the contractor will most likely get all the work done in front of your home in one week. 

Thank you for your patience, and please call Village Hall at 708-422-1551 if you have any questions.