Parks and Recreational Facilities

Mini Parks

Veterans Park
98th and California Avenue
(playground and 2 pickleball courts)
1 acre

Grand Trunk Park
99th Place at the Railroad (playground)
Also known as Candy Cane Park
Half an acre

Schwer Park
92nd and Homan (playground)
Also known as Cowboy Park.
1 1/2 acre

Neighborhood Parks

Klein Park, 97th and Homan 
(2 ball fields, 2 sand volleyball courts, playground)
Also known as Circle Park
6 acres

Duffy Park
92nd and Millard
(3 ball fields, 2 tennis courts, soccer/football field, sand volleyball, 8 horseshoe pits & playground)
10 acres

Kennedy Park
88th and California
(4 ball fields [Norris Field] and playground)
3 acres

Bejcek Park
adjacent to Aqua Park, 90th and Troy
(ball field and playground)
2 acres

Community Parks

Yukich Fields
89th and Kedzie Avenue
(2 ball fields, 3 soccer/football, fitness trail, ice rink)
8 acres

James J. Sexton Park
91st and Rockwell
(driving range, disc golf, sledding, "Happy Bark" Dog Park)
50 acres