Warm Weather Safety


There are a number of severe weather hazards that affect Illinois, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, damaging winds and hail.

Emergency Plan

The Village of Evergreen Park encourages families to plan in advance for actions to be taken in the event of severe weather. Know the terms used to describe severe storm threats. A severe thunderstorm or tornado watch means severe thunderstorms or tornadoes are possible in our area. Residents should remain alert for the development of severe weather. A severe thunderstorm or tornado warning means severe thunderstorms or tornadoes are occurring in our area. In the event of a warning, residents should take cover immediately. The village emergency storm warning sirens will be activated in the event a tornado is reported within 20 miles of the village.

Take Cover

When the emergency siren is activated residents should immediately take cover in the lowest level of their homes. If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway or small inner room with no windows. Stay there until the danger has passed.